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Congrats Valin & Jakob!

to Valin for landing the starring role of Ralphie
( Valin Shinyei & Duff MacDonald. Photo by David Cooper) in the Arts Club Theatre production of
"A Christmas Story".
and to Jakob for booking the supporting role of Grover Dill
in the Arts Club Theatre production of
"A Christmas Story"

Click the poster or show photo above to see the trailer .

Also check out this review of A Christmas Story from BrokenLegReviews
"This cast of youngsters is a dizzyingly and freakishly talented troupe.
In many cases they approach professional levels of skill even at their pre-teen ages.
Valin Shinyea as young Ralphie, certainly, possesses a confidence and nuance of gesture
that his lengthy stage and screen c.v. attest to. While all of them deserve
kudos for their focus and crisp deliveries, I found my eye kept jumping to
Jordyn Bennett as Esther Jane -- the class snitch on Flick -- as particularly engaging.
And crowd favourite Jakob Phan as Grover, the bully's pet stooge, wowed the
house with his stupendous tap footwork and toothy bright-eyed grins."

Catch the hilarious A Christmas Story...
now playing 8 shows per week
at the Stanley Theatre in Vancouver
until Dec 27th.

Congrats to Gracyn for her double win
at the 2015 JOEY AWARDS!!

Gracyn won Best Live Performance for her role at FIFA 2015.
She also won Best Actress in a Feature Film for her awesome work on "Final Girl".

Gracyn recently shot a recurring Guest Star role on "Supernatural"

and a principal recurring role of Amy Smith on the TV series "Man In The High Castle".

Check out her hilarious role in the TV movie "A Cookie Cutter Christmas"

(Gracyn pictured above, on set with Sabina, another RKT actress working on Cookie Cutter Christmas)

Gracyn booked a co-starring role in the short "Final Girl"

Prior to that Gracyn shot the Movie "Jingle All The Way 2"

Gracyn wrapped shooting the second season in her
supporting recurring role of 'Emily Montgomery"
on the Hallmark TV Series "When Calls The Heart"

Now airing Sunday nights on CBC

Gracyn's great work earned her two 2014 Joey Award wins
for "Best actress 8 Years old in a drama series" and for
"Young Ensemble Cast in a Dramatic Series"

Gracyn previously booked the "The Secret World of Og" as Patsy.
Gracyn also booked the hilarious TV Commercial MILK EVERY MOMENT "Curiosity" ,
as well as a number of other TV Commercials, such as
the "Concord " and for "Bounty", the Fisher Price "Minnie" spots,
the Mattel "Little Mommy - Princess Party spots "
and here co-starring in the Fisher Price Dora Fiesta Favorites Kitchen and
Doodle Bears TV Commercials

Congrats Nyla!
Watch for her on UP TV's "Ties That Bind"
She also shot TV Commercials for Kohler Generators,
Kaplan University and for BC Health Professionals

Congrats Ayden!
Watch for him on the TV series "Man In The High Castle"
He previously shot "Wayward Pines" and "Falling Skies" Season II.
Ayden also the PSA Canadian Sports for Life "Recess"
as well as TV Commercials for SnapDragon Computer Processor
Native Shoes, Fisher Price & Hasbro.

Congrats Kensea!
Watch for her on the TV series "The Killing"
She is also in the currently airing TV Commercials for SHAW
and previously was featured in the "Milk" commercial campaign

Congrats Liam!

Check out Liam in his new Walmart TV Commercial
"Enjoy a Night at the Drive-In"

...and here in his role as 'Lovejoy' on the TV Series "The 100"
The 100 - "Best Laid Plans"

Congrats Raphael !!
Check out Raphael in his new Walmart TV Commercial
"Make the Most Of Your Summer"


- Congratulations Valin!!
for your great Lead work in the "Dead Hearts" short
(Officially Submitted for Oscar nomination for Best Short Film)

Prior to that Valin booked a LEAD role on the movie "Man Maid"

Valin WON a 2013 "Young Artist Award" in Hollywood
for Best Performance as a support (as Matt Wells)
in Terry Ingram's "A Christmas Miracle"

Valin was also nominated for a 2013 "Young Artists Award" in Hollywood
for his performance in a LEAD role (as Randy Parker) in Warner's - A Christmas Story 2 .
Check out his very funny Lead role "A Christmas Story 2"

Valin shoot these two movies back to back
while also recording his lead voice role on the animated series "Martha Speaks"
Valin also shot the "UPC Cablecom" TV Commercial
Previous to that Valin shot a "Subway" TV Commercial

Check out
Diego and Nyla
in their Kaplan Universtity spots

... and ...

Congratulations Emerson
HUGGIES "Big Kid Academy Lessons: Made for Me'

to Iris
for her role on the
ABC TV Series "Once Upon A Time"

Seia and Asher
in the feature film "Santa Hunters"


to Mackenzie

just cast as 'Young Lauren' on the
TV film "Recipe for Love"
She is also about to shoot her final scenes
as 'Flora' in the feature film
"No Men Allowed Beyond This Point"


to Jaime
cast in the web series "B-Team"

... and ...


Emerson & Asher
for shooting the co-host roles on "Animal News Now"
CBC's digital web pilot for Pre-Schoolers
Watch Emerson & Asher hosting
"Animal News Now"


Carmen for her Mattel "Holiday Mall - Barbie 2013 Collectoe" TV Commercial


Kristian co-starring in the new Crayola Marker Maker
Now Playing!!
and again in the hit NBC TV Series PSYCH - "Ferry Tale"


and here is Eden in 2 of the 3 commercials
she did for the Mattel Disney Sophia series...
"The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends" "
"Mattel - Disney - Sofia The First - Sofia and Animal Friends Fashion Doll Playset"


to Asher (in that scary voice)and Caleb
co-starring in the new Crayola
"Create 2 Destroy - Dino Destruction"

- to Jakob featured here in one of his new "Master Moves Mickey" commercials

- to Jake featured here in one of his new "Crayola Marker Airbrush" commercials

- to Emerson featured here in one of her new "Dora the Explorer - Fantastic Gymnastics" commercials

Liam in "Oral B", in "BC FED", in "Crayola"
and here in the Fisher Price spot Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play "Calling All Engines"


Congratulations to

Raphael for recently shooting the Tylenol
"Everything You Do" TV Commercial
in Stockholm, Sweden!!!

Congratulations also to

Isabella for just booking a modeling job on the new McDonalds "Fun Times" magazine

and to

Joey for booking a role on the new TV Series "When Call The Heart"
and to
Zaki for booking Capella College....his first audition!!
and to
Ava who just booked the "UPC Cablecom" TV Commercial!!
and to
Valin who also just booked the "UPC Cablecom" TV Commercial!!
and to
Lily K for shooting the "Famous Footwear" spots
and to
Ayden for booking a role on the new TV Series "Wayward Pines"
and to
to Rocco for his "Design Lab" shoot
and to
Alyssa, Sabrina & Tyrell for booking the "CUPE Educational Assistants" spots
and to
Jordan, Kristian and Kallie for their "Cigna" TV Commercials booking
and to
Diego and Jaime
for their modeling gig for "Armstrong Cheese"
and to
Maya for her "White Spot" Mosaic print
and to
Mackenzie for her "Forrest Fire" spot shoot in Kamloops
and to
Kristian, Asher, Caleb & Charis
for their Crayola bookings(clips above)
and to
Ava for her "Pale Green" TV commercial booking
and to
Raphael for his "Crayola" TV commercial shoot
and to
Jakob for SFU's "Cultivator of the Way"
and to
Valin for booking "Subway"
and to
Mackenzie for her role in the feature film "No Men Allowed Beyond This Point"
and to
Lily A for her work on the TV series "King & Maxwell"
and to
Serena for her fun booking on the SONREAL "Everywhere We Go" music video
and to
Maria for her"Desirae" Music Video shoot
and to
Carmen for her Mattel "Holiday Mall - Barbie 2013 Collectoe" TV Commercial
and to
Henning & Emerson for their work for "WorkSafe BC"
and to
Ashlyn for the Fisher Price "Dora" spots,
Oliver for "Jake Tiki",
Rocco on "Trackmaster Dom" and
Raphael for his work on the FP "Thomas Branding" commercials
and to
Eden for her 2 Commercial booking for Mattel's "Talking Sophia" & "Dancing Sister"
and to
Aidan for Mattel's "Stunt Racers - Double Decker"
and to
Josh for his "Exxon" shoot
and to
Pendo for her work on the "Best Buy" TV Commercials
and to
Emerson for "Lifelock - Internet Security"
and to
Nicole for her 2 spot booking for "Pizza Hut"
and to
Liam for the FP "Thomas" print
and to
Serena for the "BC NDP" spots
and to
Diego for his work on "Super Buddies"
and to
Emerson for "Project Fly - Charter Communications"
and to
Ava for her "Subaru" shoot
and to

More Congratulations to...
Stella, Henning and Gracyn on their "BOUNTY" bookings
and to
Brohm and Diego on their "Campbells Soup" bookings
and also
Nyla on her "KOHLER/Project Power" booking
and to
Jordan on his role on the new TV sitcom "Package Deal"
Ayden, Ava DLP and Nikolas in the "BC Jobs" spots
and to
Maria in her "Nesquick" and Mattel "Monster High" bookings
and to
Ava P for her "IRIS Visual Group" photo-shoot
and to
Oliver in the F/P"Rev n Go Stunt Garage", "Fun Time Toys", the Mattel Thomas "Trackmaster"
and the "Thomas Branding"
also to
Rocco in Mattel "Thomas Branding"
also to
Leah H and Kinua for their Mattel "Holiday Barbie" spots
Liam in "Oral B"
Adom for landing a role in the film "Abducted"
and to
Ava DLP in Fisher Price 'Dora Dollhouse"
Serena D in "Project Sport - Hockey"
as well as to
Tyrell for his "Resolve Carpet" commercial
Joshua, Dayton and Iris for their work in "BCTF"
as well as
Ethan & Aidan W for "Crayola"
and to
Reid and his Dad Wesley in the "Huggies" bonding with baby spots
and to
Jaime, Raphael and Eliana in the the new Hersheys Syrup TV Commercials
and to
Iris & Nikolas in their awesome "Staples" spot
(Nikolas with a pencil up his nose and Iris with that killer look she gave him)

Congratulations also to
Joey in "Sport Chek"
and to
Raphael for the "Crayola" Print shoot
Ainsley in "Vicks"
and to
Diego for shooting "Staples"
and to
Ava P and Ava DLP for their "Boden" photo shoot in Whistler
and to
Bennett & Caleb for "Walmart"
Liam in "BC FED" and "Crayola"
Seia and Liam in "Playskool"
and to
Kristian, Diego & Taylor in the "Gulf of Georgia Cannery" Photo Shoot
and to
Valin with Tom Hardy in the feature film "This Means War"
and to
Richard, Olivia, Jake, Asher, Tyrell, Nash, Jaxon,
Kinua, Kennedy, Diego, Nikolas and Nolan... all of them in the Hero Images CORBIS photo shoots

and on and on....


"What types of kids do we look for?"

Kids like ....

Congrats Eliana!!
for being Nominated for the 2013 Young Artist Award in LA
"as Best Performance in a Short Film: Young Actress Ten & Under".

Eliana also shot a nice Principal role on the feature film "A Narrow Bridge";
She also recently shot a Lead role in the "Guardian Angel" short film and.....
is the LEAD girl in the Coast Capital Savings Coast Capital Commercial

- Eliana also shot the new Hersheys Syrup TV Commercials


- Congrats to Diego on landing a nice recurring supporting role in the films
"A Fairly Odd Movie" and the sequel "A Fairly Odd Christmas"

and here co-starring in in the Fisher Price Hot Wheels Oct Battle Commercial...
and the Obesity & Cancer PSA Video


- Congrats to Maya for starring in the new "Little Mommy" Fisher Price TV spots
and featured here in one of her Whitespot Restaurant commercials

Check out the work of many of our other clients
on the Media Page link,!

Unfortunately, we are not accepting new applications
for children ages three and under at this time.

This could change in the future.
Please check back for updates.


Congratulations to the more than 50 young actors on the Intro and Media pages.
Each of them and many more of our clients have worked professionally
in TV Commercials, Movies, TV Series, Music Videos
and/or as models for Print shoots....
some of them many times!!!

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